Welcome to ImpactTM

Impact is a tool to measure the statistical impact of a service offered to students. Users upload two sets of files, one set of pre and post assessments for an experimental group that received some sort of service and another set of pre and post test for a control group that did not receive the service. The process intends to determine if there is a statistically significant difference between the two groups.

Impact utilizes a simple linear process which allows authorized users to upload pre and post data for control and experimental groups. The system then determines the best statistical test, runs that test, and produces a report of the statistical analysis. This analysis attempts to determine if their is a significant difference between the control group and experitmental group, an important component of determining if the service provided to the experimental group was the reason for this difference. This process can be utilized by administrators to determine the effectiveness and impact of services to students.

ImpactTM is part of the Eduvance.com collection of accountability tools for schools and school districts.